I am a professional flutist based in Dublin, Ireland and Lecture in Flute at the Technological University of Dublin, Conservatory of Music and Drama.

I have recently released my debut CD, Flute Music of Italian-American composer Luigi Zaninelli, which is available to purchase on this website via the PayPal button under the cover image. It costs just €10.00 and has received high praise from  Zaninelli himself.

This CD features Zaninelli’s compositions for flute and piano; his only unaccompanied piece which features alto flute, C-flute and piccolo; and two chamber pieces: “Winter Music” for flute, clarinet and piano and “Rome Suite” for flute, clarinet and bassoon.

For more information you can contact me on 085 7335926 or email me at julie_maisel@yahoo.com.

I hope you enjoy my music.

Every performance on this recording is well thought out, and the ensemble playing is excellent. Maisel has a lovely sound with many colours and excellent intonation throughout.
Flute Talk Magazine (November 2018)

My new CD featuring the music of Italian American Composer Luigi Zaninelli is out now!

Only €10.00

Your playing is wonderful. Your understanding of my lyricism is rare. I love that you seem to sense my use of movement and pause. This takes confidence and courage .The balance with the flute and piano is perfect. So often, in the hands of less gifted players, my harmonic language can seem acerbic and bitter. However, you and your colleagues correctly understood my predilection for complex pastels, and in doing so, gave a lovely sheen to my language . Your pianist got it just right. The polychords were warm and well balanced. You are also blessed to have a clarinetist and bassoonist of such skill and musicality. You are all world class!. Thank you for all your hard work. I could not be more pleased.
Luigi Zaninelli